Sunday Czech Children Club at Velehrad is Growing

The school year is over and our Czech Children Club at Velehrad is closed for summer holiday. We celebrated the end of this school year with children’s music performance. The weather was great and the children were signing about Africa and travelling. Everyone was ready to go on holiday.

Our Czech Children Club is for bilingual children aged 2-7 and their parents. Our children classes are very creative, playful and fun. Our teacher Kamila and her assistant Štěpánka teach the children through art, songs, games and drama. During the last term, the children have learnt lots of things about different continents and animals, means of transport and some cities, such as Prague.

Our club was increasingly popular last year. We had about 20 children attending two different clubs and we have also opened Czech Classes for Adults therefore English speaking parents can learn Czech at the same time as their children.

We look forward to seeing all children and parents again in September. We are currently planning the next school year.

If you have any questions or want to know more about our Czech Children Club, please contact Michaela on