Czech Children Club

Velehrad organises a Sunday Czech Club for children aged 2,5 to 7 years old. Children meet every Sunday during the term times at Velehrad and learn under supervision of experienced teachers, who have been working with bilingual children for many years. All children and parents can also use Velehrad’s small library full of beautiful children books. Apart from our Sunday school, we organise various cultural events for families with children during the year, such as St. Nicolas Party, Easter Afternoon, film screenings and many others. 

Our aim is to build a strong and lively community of Czech families living in London.  We would like to give children the opportunity to learn Czech and make strong connection with Czech culture. Our goal is to promote and maintain Czech cultural traditions and customs. We want to  help the children to become confident and active speakers who can feel comfortable when they visit their grandparents or speak to friends. Sunday school is funded by Trustees of Velehrad so all parents can afford to send their children to our school. 

The language is taught exclusively through games and a wide range of physical activities. These include Czech gym, Czech dancing, popular Czech games or Czech role play. At our club, children play and learn at the same time. We communicate only in Czech with children and encourage them to speak to their friends and use Czech during all activities. We help to reinstall bilingualism in families where the Czech language is not frequently spoken.

In our club, we teach about typical features of Czech culture which children growing up in London are often not familiar with. We play Czech games, sing notorious nursery rhymes, read classical fairy-tales and use traditional Czech folk characters. Every lesson has a different theme therefore the children learn new vocabulary and phrases. 

For further information please contact Mrs. Ludmila Stane on