Alois Nebel + Screen Talk with Tomáš Luňák

28 Feb 2017 18:15
1989 in the Sudetenland near the Czech-Polish border. Alois Nebel is a solitary train dispatcher who becomes haunted by the ghosts from his and the region’s violent history whenever the fog crawls into the mountainous area.


Director Tomáš Luňák’s dark and atmospheric film, adapted from a comic book trilogy by Jaroslav Rudiš and Jaromír 99, uses rotoscope animation to transpose the striking visuals of the original to the screen. A reduced palate of black, white and grey, a distinctly noirish flair and an eerie score all contribute to pulling us into the strory’s mysterious maze of past and present events.

Followed by a talk with filmmaker Tomáš Luňák. Moderated by BAFTA winning animation director Jonathan Hodson.

Czech Republic/Slovak Republic/Germany 2011 Dir Tomáš Luňák 84 min

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